S/4HANA Case Study

Reduce Training Time to Enhance Productivity

There is a high churn of employees using different digital systems. New employee training takes a long time and up to 6 months in many cases to be self-sufficient.

The time and cost of training employees on how to use the system for performing their day-to-day activities can be minimized significantly if trained on a system and data like the real.

See how we are helping our customers in reducing the time of training from months to week and hence cost by transforming the data in a live S/4HANA system.

Problem: Making use of Production Data

Challenges Involved:

  • Data is exposed to a larger audience.
  • Security of testing system isn’t as good as the production system.
  • Production data if used in a training system must be bound by same access & authorization unless it is anonymized.
  • Anonymized data should also be used under company guidelines & policies.

Limitation of Existing Solutions:

  • The anonymization technique used such as cryptographic anonymization is not for live system.
  • Some data often remains untransformed because of static rules.
  • Applying very complex filtering conditions is quite difficult.
  • Custom-made rule-based system is not standard and repeatable.
  • Gets outdated very fast.
  • Mostly built on cloud technology.
  • Availability of latest technology for on-premise deployment is very limited.
  • Need separate software for each step like deduction of PII, storing these deductions, anonymization, and creating subsets for training system.

With Maya Data Privacy's Technology

  • Data is anonymized using Maya Data Privacy’s proprietary technology based on PET.
  • Data is transformed in a live S/4HANA system.
  • The untransformed data are highlighted by default.
  • Applying very complex filtering conditions is a matter of clicks.
  • Configurations are repeatable.
  • Software gets updated automatically with updating PETs.
  • Deployment is available on both public as well as private clouds and on-premise also.
  • Only one software is needed for each step including deduction of PII, storing these deductions, anonymization, and creating subsets for training system.
  • Easy to reproduce the project in new environment to use it again and ultimately go into self-service mode.


Saved on Training Per Person Per Job

Main cost saving is in employee training. On average save 20% of training time while onboarding new joiners, hence saves average 2000 euro on training per person per job. 

Enhance Productivity

Getting high productivity due to freedom of an employee to try and learn fast in real like systems, helps to have better satisfaction for both trainees and supervisors at the same time.

Reduce Training Time

Time saved is in two aspects:
1) Time saved in implementing the solution from MAYA compared to others like time to deploy the solution reduced from months to weeks
2) Time saved as a benefit of the solution. as in time saved in training employees. 20% of time in 2 weeks, saving 2 days for 1000 staff switching roles in a year, which is 2000 days of saved shift time.