Financial Services Case Study

Enhanced Security for Data Sharing With Client & Subcontractor

For the processing of payroll, employees are required to provide a substantial amount of sensitive personal information in the form of official documents to the concerned team.

Multiple teams (payroll, HR, finance, compliance, etc.) work on this process and have access.

Employee data can be compromised, and failure to protect it can seriously damage the reputation of the business.

See how we are helping our customers in protecting employees’ sensitive data and complying with regulations when laws like DORA are forcing a shift from compliance to a risk-centric approach.

Problem: Safety of Personal Information in case of Data Breach

Challenges Involved:

  • Exposure of personal data in outsourcing.
  • Security of outsourced data at the subcontractor’s place.
  • Compliant with privacy laws.
  • Digital Operational Resilience Testing.

Not safe
because of vulnerabilities

Should not be shared
Details can be traced back to the individual.

Requires repetitive manual operations

With FileSafe

  • Outsourcing of depersonalized data.
  • Exposure of depersonalized data would not harm individuals.
  • Designed to comply with GDPR, DSA, DMA, DORA, and other relevant laws.
  • Sound digital resilience strategy and framework.

because of digital operational resilience

Possible to be shared
Details can’t be traced back to the individual

Automation is provided

Unique Selling Point

Sharing of depersonalized files 

Using FileSafe, the financial firm could get depersonalized files from clients and could also send the same to a subcontractor if needed

Greater Safety Measures

100% irreversible

Personal information is replaced with relevant equivalents for outsourcing

Becoming Digitally Resilient

Risk of personal information exposure in data breach is mitigated

Individuals could not be traced from depersonalized data

One-way data transformation