HR Case Study

Employee Performance Review

Periodic performance review results are among the most sensitive personal information companies collect and draw conclusions from.

It is being used for promotions, salary evaluations, as well as taking actions related to non-performing employees.

See how we are helping our customers review employee performance data, free from personal biases that can emerge when identities are revealed.

Problem: Taking Non-biased Decisions based on Performance Reviews

Data Use Cases

  • Data Use Cases Anonymized team performance results can be evaluated by HR department or managers from a different team, to ensure maximal objectivity.
  • When taking decisions on the future of non-performing employees, the results can be easily shared with decision-makers, without stigmatizing individuals who will continue their careers at the company.
  • The performance of the employees can be compared to their compensation and to team compensation bands when deciding on yearly salary reviews and bonuses.
  • Compare performance reviews across teams and locations to plan appropriate training.
Employee Performance Review Data

Not compliant
to be used for anything else than performance review

Not safe
to be stored at local devices

Should not be shared with other managers
Details can be traced back to the individual, even if the name is removed

With FileSafe

Employee Performance Review Anonymized Data

Can be used internally and externally for any purpose - not only performance review

Even if data sets are accessed by unauthorised individuals

Possible to be shared with other managers
Details can’t be traced back to the individual


Possible Fines Prevented

For a company with an annual turnover of €2m, nearly €60.000 fine could be applied in case of employee performance data breach.

Employees' Trust
& Retention

Reduce personal biases by allowing impartial HR employee or another manager to assess results of employee evaluation.

Make sure that people who underperformed on a given year do not get discriminated in the following years*.

* According to Pew Research Center 2021 study, 35% quit because they feel disrespected.

Personnel Turnover
& Training Costs

Reduce the costs of unnecessary personnel turnover by taking unbiased decisions * on who has to be let go.

Plan & allocate the training exactly to the needs of your employees, across teams and locations.

* According to the 2019 Gallup Study, 50% of people quit to get away from their manager.